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Ceramic Bird Tiles

Romy Burkus

  • $30.00

These bird tiles draw inspiration from Romy's series of woodblocks. Here she transforms them into dimensional relief prints in glazed ceramic.

Alumna Romy Burkus '87 immerses herself in series that change every few years. Mostly, the series reflect her interests in spirituality, the natural world and illusions of depth. All the artwork, whether it be monoprints, woodcuts or encaustic paintings, involve transparency; which reflects back to her background in commercial printing. It draws the viewer into the image, and allows for subtly in color that would be unable to be rendered any other way. A rich, saturated image results, which in turn creates a mystical depth, adding contrast to the elements around it.

  • Each tile is approximately 4" x 4" and 1/2" thick
  • Available in pink, royal blue, burgandy, purple, brown and light green

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