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The Taxonomy of Trash: An Analytical Approach to Garbage

The Galleries at Moore

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Exhibition Catalogue

During a one-day residency at the Revolution Recovery recycling center in Philadelphia, artist Tim Eads selected 140 objects from the millions that come through the waste stream there every day. His approach was to find and document objects that were beautiful without the need to be altered — sculpture that was made without any human intent. Each object was photographed and the sounds it could produce were recorded by installing microphones in the objects and then dropping, hitting, playing and warping them.

The photographs were sent to a biologist who categorized them using the Phylogenetic Tree of Life. This divided them into categories primarily based on the material compounds found in each object. This categorization shows the connections between the objects and their development. 

This catalogue chronicles the process and features full color images of the objects Eads and his collaborators selected for the project.The Taxonomy of Trash is a collaboration between artists Tim Eads, Austen Brown, Carlos Avendaño, and Raul Romero. 


132 pages, full color. 9.625 x 8.25 inches. Softcover

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