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Everything Dies! A Coloring Book About Life! 2nd edition

Bri Barton

  • $20.00

Everything Dies! A Coloring Book About Life! depicts, among other things, soil biology and decomposition, funeral rites from around the world, mourning loved ones, the murders of human rights leaders, and modern embalming. It is full of celebration, but it is also frank and delves into heavy subjects. Adults will get a lot out of the images and words, and, as long as a guardian makes this book part of a larger conversation, most kids 10 and up will, too.

Bri Barton, a 2011 alumna, Illustrated and wrote this coloring book as part of a personal healing process. In my 25th year, six loved ones and teachers died within an eight month period. I made this book as a way to meditate on and better understand death. What surprised me was this:  every time I began to explore a part of dying, I inevitably was brought face-to-face with the immense wonder it is to be alive. Also, I made a coloring book because I love the idea of a piece of art being unfinished until someone else adds something to it. I’ve only started these drawings; they are yours to complete!

  • 12″X9″
  • printed on recycled 70lb matte paper
  • approx 40 images over 80 pages
  • Images are single-sided for optimum coloring experience

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