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Slim Mug Blue Violet by Lana Heckendorn

Slim Mug Blue Violet by Lana Heckendorn

Lana Heckendorn

  • $40.00

 '88 alumna Lana Heckendorn's delicate hand and fine attention to detail are obvious in her functional porcelain pottery. This version is a pale blue violet with one of her signature patterns.

Completely food-safe, Lana's porcelain is thrown on the wheel and kiln fired to cone 10 for sturdy wares that will last a lifetime with proper use and care. These mugs are hearty with a solid bottom and handle, and can take on your coffee, tea, and hot toddies alike.

These mugs can hold between 12-16 oz of liquid. Each mug is unique and slightly different.

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