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Taking Back the Castle by Jess

Taking Back the Castle by Jess

Jessica L. Phelps

  • $775.00

Dynamic and colorfully inspired by nature is a great way to describe the work of Jessica from the class of 2006. She is inspired by the impact of people on nature/natural surroundings and the way nature reclaims abandoned structures or possessions.

Taking Back the Castle incorporates these themes as the viewer isn't sure if they are seeing nature or cityscape or a collision of both. This piece includes a collage component that is best viewed in person. The resin is used to create the added elements as well as add depth overall.

  • Multiple layers of resin, acrylic paint, panel, wood frame
  • 49" x 25.5" x 1.5"
  • For pick-up in Shop ONLY due to size and weight

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